Reading for Washington Square Review

This week I had the opportunity to read with my fellow contributors to the wonderful recent issue of Washington Square Review. Organized by editor Melissa Ford Lucken and Dave Wasinger, the reading was a true pleasure to experience as a reader and listener.

You can find the recording of the event here. My own contribution is around the 1:28:14 mark.

Many thanks to Melissa and Dave and all the editors at Washington Square Review.

Nelly Reifler at Parenthetical Note

At Parenthetical Note, a web journal featuring “fictional essays and factual stories,” I read a powerful letter by author Nelly Reifler. Written to Ronald Reagan, the letter was started by Reifler in the 1980s. Twenty-three years later, a few months after Reagan’s death, Reifler finished the letter in which the young speaker sends a message from the housing project where she lives to those of us reading her words now. I found the visual presentation of the letter by Parenthetical Note effective too.

[Note 7/2009: The above link is dead, Parenthetical Note having gone offline.]

Originally posted 3.18.2005

Chelsea Journal

The new issue of Chelsea, a New York literary journal, starts with ten short stories edited by poet Rush Rankin. The stories – each one being fully realized on its own – work particularly well together. They flow while still maintaining a variety that absorbed me as a reader. One story by Wednesday Kirwin shows in visual detail an artist’s interaction with a captive praying mantis; another story by Pabro La Rosa reveals an Afro-Cuban jam session in which the musicians honor a murdered friend.

Originally posted 3.18.2005